Patriots, Eagles combine to easily smash the record for yards in a Super Bowl

Super Bowl 52 was offense, offense and more offense in a way no other Super Bowl was ever before. The final total of offensive yardage in the game was 1,151 — more than 200 yards more than any Super Bowl before.

The Eagles won the first Super Bowl in the history of their franchise on Sunday, beating the Patriots in Minneapolis, 41-33. This was the on-field trophy presentation afterward, up through speeches by owner Jeff Lurie and coach Doug Pederson:

Every Lombardi Trophy presentation is cool in a way, even if it involves a team like the Patriots that’s been there a bunch of times. There’s something pretty cool about watching people celebrate reaching the pinnacle of their field, and that’s what’s on display every time these presentations happen.

This, despite a mostly unimpressive offensive line and few truly dangerous weapons to work with.

But Garoppolo, seven starts and all, now makes more money than Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and every other quarterback who has spent much more than one month proving their worth.

Former first-rounders who didn’t pan out.

Last year, the Steelers cut Justin Gilbert, just a couple years removed from being the Browns’ eighth overall selection in the 2014 NFL draft. Nobody picked him up afterward.

A year before that, the Browns released Johnny Manziel, another 2014 first-round pick, after a turbulent career. Manziel has been away from the NFL since, though he’s recently said he’s aiming for a comeback.

The light rail is the primary mode of transportation for people coming into the city for the game, according to SB Nation reporters who have spent the week in the city. Many roads in the city are closed to automobile traffic, only making the railways more important. Any prolonged shutdown of the light rail could be a significant disruption.

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