Manning went on to win two Super Bowls against the Patriots and if he isn’t a sure-fire Hall of Famer he is right on the cusp.

Manning has put his heart and soul into the team and losing the job as the starting QB of the Giants has been hard on him. Now, he has to possibly consider playing for someone else, because even though he is 36-years-old, he still appears to have games left in him.

For a team that has benched one cornerback for another already this season, his return from injured reserve was a welcome one and he’s made an impact. I said he’s not going to be a savior that is going to change the Chiefs’ fortunes all at once, but he’s going to help.

Now the Mavs (7-20) look to be the first team to face the Spurs with Leonard, who has yet to play this season because of an injury that the team has only labeled as left quadriceps tendinopathy.

Through nine games, Ellis has put up 32 tackles (18 solo) which is the seventh most in the league among defensive tackles. Those are good numbers over a full season for most nose tackles. And they are well above anything Ellis has put up in any single season in his career.

Prior to this season, Ellis’s career best season in combined tackles was 22. He’s already 10 tackles over that with nearly a half season still remaining. Should Ellis somehow match his tackle total over the first nine games over the final seven, he will match his tackles totals over his first three seasons combined.

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