The first points in Bills vs. Jaguars came on an 18-play, comedy-filled drive of errors

The Buffalo Bills caught a break near the end of the first half after being unable to get the ball in the end zone, but they didn’t quite take advantage of it in a long, exhausting, and funny drive.

The Bills called a timeout after failing to get the Jaguars to jump on fourth-and-1, which seemed like a questionable decision so close to the end zone. But it ended up paying dividends.

After Tom Brady accelerated the young corner’s education with 384 passing yards and three TDs in that AFC title game rout last January, Burns went home, took his brothers bowling and to the county fair, and returned with them to Pittsburgh, where he looked often to a certain inside linebacker for advice. He got engaged, started every game and was reestablishing the integrity of the Steelers’ secondary when Shazier was injured.

“His body control is spectacular,” Hinch says. “It allows him to cover any area on any pitch, but especially the high fastball. His bat speed is probably within an abnormally high range, and when he swings he gets the bat where he needs to get it on time.”

A fast story: Altuve faced Yankees reliever Chad Green in Game 1 of the AL Championship Series. Green threw the most difficult four-seam fastball in the league last season; batters hit just .109 against it. Altuve had seen Green only once in his career. He promptly whacked a 97.2-mph high heater from Green into leftfield for a single.

Everybody lost. At least it felt that way. Over the past four days, four of the top five teams in last week’s AP poll fell. No. 3 Arizona State lost at Colorado on Thursday. Providence took down No. 5 Xavier by nine on Saturday. North Carolina State beat No. 2 Duke by 11 that night. And No. 1 Michigan State closed the weekend out on the wrong side of an 80-64 game with Ohio State.

And that’s not to mention LSU knocking off No. 11 Texas A&M on the road thanks to a wild buzzer-beating three from freshman Tremont Waters, Colorado also ending No. 14 Arizona’s nine-game winning streak, Georgia Tech beating No. 15 Miami, No. 12 North Carolina losing both its games, and sub-.500 Stanford and Vanderbilt topping fringe Top 25 teams UCLA and Alabama, respectively. In all, 14 of 25 ranked teams suffered at least one defeat in the last seven days.

The Jaguars had to lean on T.J. Yeldon in Fournette’s absence. During the regular season, Yeldon played in 10 games, rushing 49 times for 253 yards. He also had two touchdowns on the season.patriots_038_c4275d49b20e8e2c-180x180

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