Once again, Falcons will regret letting playoff game get away

When the Eagles took the lead 12-10 late in the third quarter, they followed by kicking off out of bounds. Perfect situation for the Falcons at their own 40 — and on the final play of the quarter, Devonta Freeman whiffed on a blitz pickup and let Ryan get dropped for a 10-yard loss.

That guy is such a competitor that we know he’s working every single day, Pouncey said. It would be nice to have him out there last week, but it doesn’t really matter. He’s getting his body right, and he’s going to be ready to play.

Plug “You couldn’t write a script like this” into Google and one will find an endless series of articles ripping that oft-used sports cliché to shreds. Rightfully so. But is there a more effective way to summarize what former Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas did in Game 2 against the Wizards? This was a “30 for 30” documentary playing out in real time: During a thrilling career year, a brash and late-blooming 5’9” Mr. Irrelevant lost his sister in a tragic car accident, only to play through the grief and score a career-high 53 points while leading an overtime victory in the playoffs against a top rival. All on what would have been his sister’s 23rd birthday. “The least I could do is go out there and play for her,” an emotional Thomas told reporters. Later, it came out that he had battled a nagging hip injury throughout the playoffs, too.

Somehow, that was only the first half of Thomas’s story in 2017. A stunning summer blockbuster between the East’s top two teams—Boston and Cleveland—sent him to replace Kyrie Irving as LeBron James’s running mate. Like DeMarcus Cousins, Thomas was left to contemplate loyalty, and he has since expressed second thoughts about his decision to play through an injury that has kept him sidelined through Christmas. On the bright side, his return to Cleveland will be one of the most important early stories in 2018: The NBA needs his personality, James needs his scoring and playmaking, and the Cavaliers need all hands on deck to challenge the Warriors. For Thomas, 2018 will represent his first true chance to win a title and his best shot at a major payday after spending years as one of the league’s most underpaid stars.

…place to visit back home in Chandler, Ariz. “My favorite food is pizza and in my opinion there’s the best pizza place in the world there. It’s called Venezia’s. It’s been a place my family has gone to ever since I was little. It’s the thing I crave every time I go back home. If you ask anyone in my family what my favorite thing to eat is, it’s pizza and wings from Venezia’s. It’s kind of a running joke in my family. Just cheese pizza and wings. That’s my favorite meal. It reminds me of East Coast pizza. I was born in New Jersey so I’m kind of used to that type of pizza. Venezia’s is in the East Coast style.”patriots_005_925c4cc7e3c7882c-180x180

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