A healthy Stastny on an inspired Blues team means business.

Though he took his last major league at-bat only 14 months ago, in addition to his Fox gig he is already, among other things, a guest judge on Shark Tank—he and Mark Cuban recently invested in the Ice Shaker, a product from Rob Gronkowski and his many hard-partying brothers—and even a contributor to ABC News.

If not, Bradley becomes a fascinating target for contenders at the trade deadline or as a free agent next summer.

His fallback plan might have been to play under fellow former Washington offensive coordinator Sean McVay in Los Angeles, but with Jared Goff breaking out after a dismal 2016 campaign, the Rams aren’t going to be in the Cousins market.

The 49ers traded for Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on Tuesday, sending a 2018 second-round draft pick to New England. The 49ers are expected to release quarterback Brian Hoyer, who is expected to sign with the Patriots to be Tom Brady’s backup.

I don’t even think ramen was a thing at Ohio University in the late ’70s, when I was there, and it never made it to the King dinner table when the kids were growing up. Shake ’N Bake pork chops, and Hamburger Helper—now those made it to the King table, but ramen … never heard of it.

So I was in Denver, and Robert Klemko of The MMQB lives in Denver, and he and his girlfriend, Dana, invited me to their favorite restaurant, Uncle. It’s a ramen place. I first had to explain that I didn’t know exactly what ramen was.

On pace to match his career high in shots on goal and getting his highest average ice time per game as a member of the Blues, Stastny is on pace for his first 70-point campaign since 2009-10. A major part of missing that threshold the past two seasons has been Stastny’s health, which will remain a concern in the background.

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